Artist Statement: 

Through sculpture and assemblage, my work explores the array of complexities experienced by individuals within the gay community. I create work to reveal internal and external resentments with a variety of mediums and symbolism. As a tribute and a memoir, my practice touches on feelings that resonate personally and universally. I hope for viewers to engage with the work emotionally, and to question their own similar or dissimilar experiences. My work is merely a glimpse into the often unknown or unrecognized struggles of being gay. 

Lawson’s approach to making work is like a quiet, confident knife cutting with deft clarity and certainty of intention. Using crisp order, poingant materials and clearly defined demarcations, his powerful and emotionally driven works nimbly move between cutting to the core of, or gently & often sardonically, skinning the surface of painful narratives experienced both personally and as a part of the universal human condition.
— Richard Munster